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Many of the creators found here are working in new and untapped fields of research and as such some of these categories may appear to be subjective.

No slight is intended as we seek to bring out in an organized way the varied intellects, heart centered dot connectors and truthful journalistic voices that are known to many in the field, but possibly not to newcomers. If we have erred on the side of partisanism it is not our intent. It is our intent to bring forth the many censored sources of wisdom as we explore new ways of offering content tailored to your needs.

You may not agree with every point made on these pages or every style of delivery, but that is the beauty of freedom: you can choose from a range of viewpoints that have been largely hidden from mainstream audiences. We agree wholeheartedly with the right to speak out against what is the accepted narrative, especially when armed with facts, eyewitness testimonies, and incriminating evidence as so many here are, and ask you to consider the situation which gives rise to the emotions of the creators when they surface, and to overlook what may be a less than perfect personal or technical delivery.

While we can not say that we absolutely agree with everything found on these pages, we do believe that every source found here contributes incredibly valuable information and a much needed counterpoint to the story that those who wish to control your thoughts, votes and moneystream prefer that you swallow without argument.

Some thoughts about the GDI, or the “Global Disinformation Index.”

The GDI site purports to spare the public from the news it has labelled as disinfo. Their list reads like a veritable who’s who of news you SHOULD READ.

We have omitted those which are blatently partisan, as we try not to support separatism, but have included the rest.

There is however another category of which you should be aware–that of real Disinfo Agents who have infiltrated the AltNews sector. Some in the truth and disclosure movement have been allowed to continue sharing info as long as they hold back on or skew certain points. Others are placed to create havoc, separatism and provide lies and red herrings. Some individuals bring forth a wealth of truthful info and yet are controlled. Ultimately it comes down to your discernment: your analytic processes mixed with a healthy dose of heart-centered intuition. As you become familiar with counter-mainstream material your discernment magnifies in untold ways. You might ask why we allow any alleged Disinfo Agents on this site at all. When it comes down to it the entirety of mainstream media acts as disinfo agent. On our part, we do our best to keep our sources pure and when up against it, to weigh the good against the bad.

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